Francis Evaldez, LMFT

Francis Evaldez
Francis Evaldez
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Francis

“May you always remember to enjoy the road, especially when it’s a hard one.” – Kobe Bryant

Welcome! My name is Francis Evaldez, and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I am excited to meet you. Our Director wants me to tell you how I decided to become a counselor. So here is my story.

I came to be a therapist via an unlikely journey. I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist. But I was so unhappy with the pharmacy classes that I went to see a counselor. I became fascinated with how the mind worked. I realized I wanted to help others get out of pain!

Today, I enjoy helping those struggling with anxiety and depression, specifically socializing and building relationships. The last couple of years has changed the rules of connection in many ways. We are increasingly on the internet for our relationships and leisure activities. And that has caused emotional and social problems for many of us. And I want to help.

How I work

My personality is reasonably direct, but life is severe enough, so I like to bring humor into my work. I also do not think we should stay in pain for long if there is a way out. So I want to work toward practical solutions. People describe me as optimistic. I love to imagine what the future has in store for each of my clients. I see my job as helping them practically and specifically learn how to have that ideal future for themselves.

For those who want it, I am very willing to integrate technology into therapy to bridge the gap between client interests and real-world applications. Technology is amazing! And yet, for some, it can lead to a problem.

As a person who grew up side-by-side with the internet, I can see how influential and ever-changing it has become. I’ve accepted that technology can be used to spread positivity or negativity. It can lead us to feel more connected or isolated. It can be an infinite resource for learning or feeding our addictions. I’ve learned to integrate the internet in a way that mainly adds value to my life and relationships. 

But it was not always this way for me. In the past, I’ve been seen as “addicted” to video games by family and friends. I have had to reframe how I view my online time. It’s where I learned to socialize with others despite remaining shy in person throughout my childhood. I developed a framework of how to best connect with others and eventually took the leap and applied those ideas to my relationships in person. 

So I am particularly interested in helping those struggling with making social connections and those who worry if their online time is leading to addiction (social media, video games, and possibly pornography). 

And when we finish our work together – whether it is related to depression, anxiety, or internet issues, I wish all my clients to feel more confident and see that the path is clear for what they envision for a happy and healthy future. I want them to feel comfortable and free – with less internal shaming and more self-compassion.

More about me

I enjoy running, exercising, and playing video games as regular hobbies. When I feel like relaxing, I enjoy watching the NBA, NFL, Esports, YouTube, and anime. When there’s free time, and I’m feeling adventurous, I like hiking, trying new foods at different restaurants, and traveling with friends.  

I’ve run four marathons, a dozen half-marathons, and a handful of 10k and 5k races. I’m also a total nerd and embrace the ‘Leader’ or  ‘Shotcaller’ role in any video game I play (League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo, Runescape).

A goal of mine for the next year is to complete a solo backpacking trip in Asia.

Shall we connect? I look forward to meeting you!

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