Patty Lundquist, LMFT

Patty Lundquist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Patty

“Pain is real. But so is hope” -Jim Dooley.

Hi! I am Patty, a licensed marriage and family therapist. My love for helping people began early when school friends would come to me for advice and a listening ear. When I could see their situation improve, it was so rewarding! 

For over three decades, I have served as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, working with adults, youths, and geriatrics. I enjoy helping people and giving them the tools to feel better. I have worked in a wide array of settings. So although your struggles are unique to you, it is likely that I have helped someone with something similar. Each of us is unique, and yet we share much in common.  

How I work

I approach my work as I do my life. I care deeply about people and love to laugh. I am easygoing and look for quick and practical solutions to help people improve their lives and relationships. This opportunity motivates me daily.  

My faith motivates me as well to strive to be a better person. Life has many changes, and we need more connections with each other to ease our way. 

People tell me my best skill is my ability to make sense of complicated things – and then provide encouragement and direction from pain into hope. Each situation is unique, and I am grateful to be on the journey. 

Much of my work is meeting people where they are and helping them be kinder to themselves. It is an honor to come alongside someone in a time of need. I am so touched by my client’s courage to want to learn and do things differently. Success can be measured in tiny steps, and starting counseling is a significant step!

And when we finish our work together, I hope all my clients feel better and more accomplished –  and that our time together was well spent.

More about me

I enjoy being by the ocean, harbor, lake, or pool, and I love to ride my bike along the coast. My two dogs- large Shepard mixes, are the best company and always up for an adventure.  

And to share a personal and joyful memory.

In college, I entered a cook-off competition. From my tiny, poorly equipped apartment kitchen, I made a new recipe: Chicken Kyiv.  I was shocked and excited to win 2nd place! I later found out the contest winner made his Shrimp Scampi at his father’s local restaurant with the cook giving him instructions! This information helped me to feel even better at trying something new. (Side note: That Chicken Kyiv recipe came in handy to impress my future husband!)

I’d love to hear your story and see if I can help!  

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