High Anxiety During the Pandemic? Why Virtual Counseling Could Help

Although used before the pandemic, virtual counseling has been a lifeline for many individuals and families struggling with mental health concerns like high anxiety and stress levels this year. Although virtual counseling gradually became more popular over the years, demand for this type of therapy exploded this year with the lockdowns, additional uncertainties, and the need for a virus-safe alternative to in-person therapy sessions. 

In her “Psychology Today” article entitled 14 Benefits of Teletherapy for Clients, Goali Saedi Bocci Ph.D. shares the following about virtual counseling: 

“With more and more individuals telecommuting, busier schedules, and the need for greater flexibility in our ever-changing world, teletherapy opens up a whole new frontier.”

A variety of terms are used interchangeably with video therapy or virtual counseling. Here are some you may have heard before:

  • Online therapy
  • Teletherapy
  • Online counseling
  • Telecounseling
  • E-counseling

At this point, it doesn’t appear that the mental health world and how we do treatment will ever be quite the same. As necessity became ‘the mother of invention,’ we quickly learned on a greater level that doing video therapy online is a highly viable treatment mode deserving of more consideration and respect.

This certainly doesn’t mean that in-person therapy sessions will become obsolete. But added to the in-person option, meeting virtually with your counselor provides versatility. 

One of the most common struggles we’ve seen this year is individuals having trouble dealing with anxiety. If anxiety and stress are wearing you down lately, here are some compelling reasons you should consider virtual counseling.

Therapy from Home Can Be Less Anxiety-Provoking

For most people, visiting a new counseling center can be a bit nerve-racking. Of course, we do everything we can to make things user-friendly and comfortable! But it’s just human nature to feel a bit nervous those first few times (especially if you’re new to therapy).

While it’s good to challenge yourself to go outside of your comfort zone, high anxiety including social anxiety can feel debilitating. The danger is you could avoid therapy altogether because you worry about your anxiety levels spiking during your in-person counseling session. 

That’s where virtual counseling is useful if you’re dealing with high anxiety and stress levels. You can speak with an anxiety therapist from your home’s familiarity and work together to overcome anxiety. 

Avoiding the Commute

E-therapy for anxiety strugglers also provides the added convenience of not having to worry about drive time. No traffic jams, gasoline or direction-following is required. Just log on and start your session. It’s that simple!

Added Comfort

You can sip on a cup of coffee or tea, keep your favorite pet nearby and stay in your cozy clothes with teletherapy. Yes, as said earlier, it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone, but at the same time, if your anxiety levels are initially too high, this may make your anxiety treatment less effective. It turns out that comfort not only is enjoyable but also can benefit your anxiety treatment (especially early on in the process). 

Increased Confidentiality

With traditional counseling, your confidentiality is always fully guarded. Even so, there’s still the chance someone you know could see you walking into our therapy office. That’s just something out of our control. But the great thing with teletherapy is that you log in at home, giving you yet another level of confidentiality as you work towards coping with anxiety.

Fewer Disruptions to Your Mental Health Treatment

The reality is that virtual counseling appointments are easier to keep. Is your car unexpectedly in the shop and you don’t have transportation to your appointment? That’s no problem with virtual counseling. 

Or maybe your young kids are at home and you can’t leave them, but you can fit in a virtual counseling session. It’s also possible your anxiety levels are too high to feel comfortable doing a face-to-face visit, you are feeling ill or have a disability. With teletherapy, you often can meet when it would be logistically impossible to do so for an in-person appointment.

Virtual Counseling and Your High Anxiety Levels

At the Relationship Center of Orange County, we can assist you with stress management therapy. Our licensed professionals will help you understand the causes of anxiety and better ways to deal with anxiety in your life. No, you don’t have to face these battles alone. 

The OC Relationship Center serves the Orange County, CA region for face-to-face counseling and beyond that range through virtual counseling. Besides teletherapy, we offer anxiety counseling in Newport Beach, CA and anxiety counseling in Mission Viejo, CA. You can schedule an appointment with us to find evidence-based ways to relieve your anxiety.

Our trained and compassionate counselors are here to help. Please call (949) 393-8662, text (949) 393-8662 for an appointment, or schedule online.

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